New York Cardiac Center Projects


NYCC projects are associated with some of the premier research and educational institutions in the United States. NYCC is dedicated to supporting, both through education and funding, causes committed to the sciences and, more specifically, cardiovascular health.

 NYU Science Communication Workshops


NYU holds a series of workshops so as to afford its scientists and physicians the ability to more clearly communicate and share research with funders, peer reviewers, colleagues, and the public at large. NYU’s mission with the workshops is to help scientists and physicians develop their communication skills so as to reach the public and granting institutions more effectively.

The workshops are presented in the Carter School of Journalism by faculty director and Pulitzer Prize recipient Dan Fagin. NYCC has provided funding to NYU so as to enable additional student attendees to the workshops who are drawn from NYU Ph.D., M.D., or post-doctoral students in the following eligible subjects: Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Dentistry, Mathematics, Medicine, Neural Science, Nursing, Physical anthropology, Physics, and Psychology.

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Weill Cornell CORG

Since 2013, the New York Cardiac Center (NYCC) has, in conjunction with the Michael Wolk Heart Foundation, supported a series of cardiac centered research projects aimed at investigating the efficacy of a number of treatment modalities.  These efforts have been centered at the Weill-Cornell Medical Center (WCM) in the Cardiovascular Outcomes Research Group and have resulted in a plethora of exciting peer-reviewed and published studies that have advanced our knowledge in the field of cardiology. 

Bronx High School of Science

Founded in 1938, the Bronx High School of Science now enrolls 3000 competitively selected New York City students. Bronx Science has a tradition of training scientists as well as business executives, authors, and academic leaders. The school’s alumni include nine Nobel laureates, eight winners of the National Medal of Science, and six Pulitzer Prize winners.

As part of its commitment to supporting the next generation of scientists and researchers, in 2007 the NYCC launched a program that provides college scholarships to graduating members of the senior class at Bronx Science. Grant recipients have indicated an interest in pursuing studies in the sciences, mathematics, engineering, medicine, and economics.


Each year the faculty works with the NYCC Board to select two recipients who are granted $5,000 per year scholarships for use at the colleges they will attend. The scholarships are for four years and the students currently selected are remarkable in their achievements.













For nearly thirty years, NYCC has contributed in critical ways to the development and maturation of Extracorporeal Photochemotherapy (ECP). The first FDA approved cellular immunotherapy for cancer, ECP now treats thousands of patients daily in 300 of the leading university medical centers in the U.S. and Europe. NYCC association and support has been directed at both clinical analysis and deciphering of the scientific principles underlying the treatment’s efficacy.  Now, with the finding of these previously unknown novel principles, opportunities to help many more patients are within reach. In association with the newly established, nationally endorsed, American Council on ECP (ACE), which is composed of 35 American ECP leaders, the NYCC and the FOUNDATION FOR ACE are helping to focus more attention on the development and acceleration of the treatment.

Beginning with the first association between NYCC and Yale School of Medicine in 1990, the project involved the investigation of the use of ECP, then known as photopheresis, developed in the early 1980s by Dr. Richard L. Edelson, now Professor and Chairman of Dermatology at Yale and Past Director of the Yale Comprehensive Cancer Center.

ECP scientific insights directly enabled by NYCC funds are broadly applicable to important cancer immunotherapy, anti-viral vaccination, tolerance of transplanted organs, and stem cell reconstitution of damaged immune systems. ECP is now considered the leading treatment in immunotherapy.


Clinical Education

One of the primary goals of the New York Cardiac Center (NYCC) is to afford cardiologists the opportunity to keep up with the latest information available in their specialty. To accomplish this we provide, in association with the New York Chapter of the American College of Cardiology and the New York Cardiological Society, a series of programs for Continuing Medical Education in the cardiological specialties.

Accreditation for these programs is by the Medical Society of New York (MSSNY). Physicians who attend these programs can receive credit towards the American Medical Association Physicians Recognition Award (AMA/PRA).

The program provides a unique academic opportunity for professionals to enhance current knowledge about the etiology, prevention, intervention, and management of cardiovascular diseases.

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Programs in the Education of Research Scientists

NYCC has funded a series of grants in cooperation with New York Metropolitan Area Medical Schools.  The purpose of these grants is to encourage junior faculty at these institutions to establish careers in academic medicine and research. The NYCC Board wishes to thank all of the investigators who submitted proposals and sends its special congratulations to the winners.