For scientists and physicians working today, the ability to communicate is not an important skill; it is an essential skill. They must communicate their research clearly, concisely and accurately not just to funders and peer reviewers, but to colleagues, patients, and the public at large. They must explain the latest findings from the laboratory or clinic, and convey the underlying passion, excitement, and resourcefulness that produced those discoveries. NYU’s mission with the Workshops is to help Scientists and Physicians develop their communication skills so as reach the public and granting institutions effectively. 

The Workshops are presented in the Carter School of Journalism by an outstanding faculty directed by Dan Fagin, Pulitzer Prize winning author of the Science Investigative Book Toms River: A Story of Science and Salvation.  In 2013, NYU expanded the program to include the NYU School of Medicine.  At that point in time, and since, the New York Cardiac Center has provided funding to NYU so as to enable additional student attendees. These attendees are drawn from NYU Ph.D., M.D., or post-doctoral students in the following eligible subjects: Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Science, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Dentistry, Mathematics, Medicine, Neural Science, Nursing, Physical Anthropology, Physics and Psychology. 

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