About Us

THE NEW YORK CARDIAC CENTER (NYCC) is a charitable, educational, and research foundation. Our mission is to be a part of the ongoing effort to diagnose, cure, and prevent heart disease, cancer and other illnesses. We help sponsor research and development of  treatment and assist in training scientists, educators and physicians. We’re committed to improving your chances of living a full and healthy life. To do so we commit our resources to innovative projects in research, education and treatment.

















From its founding in 1937 as a cardiac treatment center, NYCC has been an organization willing to take risks in investing its assets in order to advance human health. Among its pioneering innovations, in the 1950’s, NYCC Board Member and famed cardiologist Paul Dudley White instituted a then radical change in diet which limited fat intake and included mild exercise as treatment for his heart patients. His efforts dramatically improved patients’ long-range outlook. In the past four decades, NYCC has re-focused itself with innovative projects in research and education and has published a series of pamphlets on topics related to cardiac diseases. One of the pamphlet authors, Michael Wolk, MD is now Executive Vice President of the NYCC Foundation. Dr. Wolk has also served a term as President of the Board of Trustees of the  American College of Cardiology and currently is Trustee Emeritus of that organization.




Our Projects

NYCC projects are associated with some of the premier research and educational institutions in the United States. Past projects have included the pioneering use of the cardiac stent at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, photopheresis at Yale to combat auto-immune diseases and research into stress reducing techniques such as biofeedback at Columbia. The NYCC was among the first to sponsor research at Harvard/Mass. General in the use of CT and MRI in their NMR Center’s cardiac research initiative.

Today we help educate cardiologists in association with the New York chapter of the American College of Cardiology and the New York Cardiological Society.  These cardiologists earn CME credits through their attendance at a series of seminars which are presented through the year.

In 2007 we began a new program in association with one of the premier secondary schools in the U.S., the Bronx High School of Science, to assist their graduates in furthering their education.  A series of four year college scholarships are awarded each year to outstanding graduates of this unique, inner city school who desire to further their education in mathematics, engineering, economics and the sciences. Giving assistance to these students and providing grants to junior researchers helps further our desire to advance their careers in science and academic medicine. We are gratified that as a result of these grants a number of papers have been published, including one describing insight into the regulation of the immune system (Platelet Induction of Monocyte To Dendritic Cell Differentiation).

One of our current projects, in association with Yale University School of Medicine, has dramatically changed the protocol for heart transplants. An important article, published in 1998 in The New England Journal of Medicine, described how this new treatment protocol is more effective than conventional immuno-suppression alone in preventing episodes of cardiac rejection. More importantly, new coronary artery disease in these hearts is markedly reduced after transplantation. A derivative of the original work called Transimmunization is featured in a Faculty-1000 designated paper appearing in the journal, Blood.


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